Daily Doings · Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the Air… Finally!

The weather today here close to the Canadian border was gorgeous. The snow has finally almost all melted and yard clean up began in earnest. And what a mess it is!!!


We got most of it done today, but will need to finish up tomorrow. The children focused mostly on the outside of the house while I conquered the inside.

I didn’t really mind because I finally broke down and tried Norwex products and, oh my, where have they been all my life?! I’ll probably dedicate an entire post to my beginner experience with the EnviroCloth®, but suffice it to say for now that I was so impressed I signed up as a consultant in order to get a 35% discount on future purchases. Yes, it was worth it!!! I cannot wait to remove all toxic cleaning chemicals from our home, but still have it germ free.

One of our favorite yearly traditions is receiving Easter cookies from Nana and PopPop. My mother-in-law order them from QVC I believe and the children (and I) LOVE them. We had them as a Palm Sunday treat yesterday. I’ve posted a video to give you a glipse into a bit of the happiness and chaos when a box of cookies is opened in a family with 12 children/young adults/adults. Enjoy and share.

Excited Children


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