Science Plans

Science – Energy and Motion Weekly Plans

Week 1:

Main Texts: Seton Science 7 For Young Catholics Chapter 5

Seton Science 3 For Young Catholics Chapter 3

Additional Reading:

Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion

Forces Make Things Move

The Magic School Bus Plays Ball: A Book About Forces

I. Energy of Motion:

  • Potential vs. Kinetic Energy: Very easy experiment and only requires a rubber band and some sidewalk chalk. (Oh Snap! Experiment)

A very cute movie to help students remember the difference between kinetic and potential energy.

  • God as the Prime Mover:

From the Principle in Aristotle’s Physics, “Every movement moves something and moves it with something, either with itself or with something else”we can use these concepts of potential vs. kinetic energy to explain a bit of metaphysics.

In other words, Everything that is Moved must be moved by another. However, there must be Someone who moves but is not moved by anything else. This is referred to the Prime Mover or the First Cause. St Thomas Aquinas wrote: “Therefore, it is necessary to arrive at a First Mover, put in motion by not other; and everyone understands to be God

  • Newton’s Laws of Motion

This website includes some printable pages, and an online tutorial on the Newton’s Laws of Motion

Isaac Newton Coloring Page

A 3 1/2 minute mini-biography on Newton

Newton’s First Law Worksheet

Newton’s Second Law Worksheet

Newton’s Third Law Worksheet

Balloon Powered Lego Car

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