Liturgical Year

Family Lent Ideas and Resources

Lent is the autumn of the spiritual life during which we gather fruit to keep us going for the rest of the year. St. Francis de Sales

The following are some resources to help your family observe the season of Lent.


The Lent song  for kids from Catholic Icing. There is even a video of a lovely lady singing the song. Great for preschool and early elementary.


Salt Dough Crown of Thorns: This is a project we do every year. The idea is to remove a thorn (toothpick) whenever a sacrifice is made. The goal is for all the thorns to be removed by Holy Week.

My children made this Way of the Cross Circle with their Eucharistic Crusade group and it was a big hit.

This neat idea from Katie has complete instructions for making Resurrection Eggs.   Each plastic egg holds something related to Holy Week and a Scripture verse. There are print outs included which makes this a super-easy project.


Here is a simple pretzel recipe from Holy Heroes. Lacy has a wonderful explanation of the pretzel over at Catholic Icing. As well as a Pretzel Prayer Printable.



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