Catholic Culture

Culture Wars

I ran across a great talk presented by Br. Andre Marie, M.I.C.M titled Controversial Considerations on Culture.   In it, Br. Andre distinguishes between high, low and bad culture.  He makes the point that if a soul cannot ‘detox’ and make a break with bad culture that it will be impossible to hold the Catholic Faith.  Why?  Because bad culture is at variance with Catholic morals, decency and a proper social order.  In short, bad culture is antithetical to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Counter-Culture (bad culture) is the dominant culture today.  It is no surprise that it openly attacks and mocks Our Lord, the Church and Christian beliefs and practices in general. As important as it is to hold fast to the Traditional Mass and Sacraments, it is perhaps equally as important to get the cultural element right in Catholic family life.  The burden is on we parents to read, understand, and make the necessary hard decisions to weed out the bad and replace it with the good (and we must replace and not just take away).  Bad culture is probably the greatest threat to children, a happy and godly life here on earth, and eternal happiness in heaven later.

Download and listen to this talk by clicking the link above.  It is only $3.00.


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